10 ways to be inspired for your next workout!


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Fitness is part of my life and I absolutely love working out either in my home gym, at my local gym, running/cycling outside or walking my beautiful dogs. I work out most days, but there are those times when I fall into the same pattern and my routine becomes stale or I find myself daydreaming and just going through the motions.

Without focus, I may as well have just stayed at home, because I will not see the results I expect. Focusing on the exercise you are performing will achieve a mind-muscle connection that will achieve the results that will be noticeable, particularly when you are lifting weights, or maintaining the discipline to walk, run, cycle or other cardio activities regularly. Have you seen my post on  Brain Training.

It is also important to challenged yourself and change your routine occasionally so that your body doesn’t become familiar with your usual routine. To help INSPIRE you and SHAKE UP your workout, here are 10 ways that will actually help you see a difference.

  •  EAT CLEAN AND DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. For your body to perform at its optimum it requires lean proteins, complex carbs, good fats and lots of water
  • SET A GOAL. Setting a goal will keep you motivated and on track. Example: Start walking 30 minutes 3 times a week, or run your first 5km’s.
  • WORK OUT AT THE BEST TIME FOR YOU. Choosing the best possible time for you to work out and when your energy level is at its highest will help you in achieving a regular workout.
  • INTENSITY. Increasing your usual pace will help you avoid hitting a plateau and get your metabolism working harder.
  • HIRE A TRAINER. If you need someone to give you encouragement and keep you motivated a personal trainer can help. They will plan new routines for you to mix it up which leaves you to just concentrate on the workout. A personal trainer will also make you accountable.
  • GET A WORK OUT BUDDY. If you can’t afford a trainer, a workout buddy can also help to keep you on track, make you accountable, give you motivation and encouragement.
  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. You don’t have to work out every day to achieve good results, you just need to put in more effort and use better technique.
  • USE A HEART-RATE MONITOR. A heart rate monitor can gauge how hard you’re working and can help you stay within your target zone.
  • USE MIND AND BODY TRAINING. Really concentrate on the contraction for better results.
  • LISTEN TO MUSIC. Load your favourite tracks onto your ipod, pop your earphones in and listen while you exercise.

live for health!


About Di Burgess

Welcome to LIVE for health, a blog about healthy living. I am passionate about everything to do with health, well-being, fitness and being the best that you can be. I want to use my passion to convince you that it doesn’t take too much time and energy to make changes in your life to live and maintain a healthy fabulous lifestyle. I would love to share my enthusiasm for optimum health with people who are looking for guidance to motivate and hopefully understand how to change their lifestyle habits to be the fittest, healthiest most fabulous you!!
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