The most powerful muscle of the human body is your mind


Train your Brain

Have you ever thought to train your brain for a healthier lifestyle?

We all know that nutrition, exercise and having good relationships are key elements in achieving a balanced healthy life.  But did you know that training your mind can achieve better fitness results, healthier food choices and better relationships?

In an article written by Claire Johnson (published in Clean Eating magazine, Spring 2012) on Brain Training, Claire says “the mind is the most powerful muscle in the human body and it allows you to set the objective of not only your overall goal but also gives you the focus to ensure you maximize your training time and stay on track with your nutrition”.

Exercise plays a very important role in achieving a healthy lifestyle, and merely going through the motions without putting your mind into it, will not achieve the results that you will be expecting.

“Mind-muscle connection is important”, Claire says, “and using your mind ensures that you get the most out of your workout when you connect the mind to the muscle.  By focusing on visualising the area you are working will ensure you actually are feeling it in that particular area”.  The body can only go where the mind tells it to go and if the connection is not there then your body won’t do what you expect it to. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it right!

Diet and making healthy choices is also instrumental in achieving a healthy lifestyle and requires discipline “as it is needed to eat smart and gives you the focus to stay on track and not stray or abandon your efforts all together” says Claire.

Another important aspect is positivity.  Claire says, “negative self-talk can have a massive detrimental impact on the actual desired outcome.  Being positive and utilising the power of your mind will be more beneficial to you than staying in a negative mindset”.  We all experience times when we doubt our ability, or beat ourselves up about our fitness, work or relationships, but we can change this negative mindset by remembering happier times,  things that make us laugh and things we enjoy.

Regular brain training will increase the quality of your life, your general functionality, as well as keep your body young and active.  The mind needs to be exercised and challenged to perform at its optimum.

There are plenty of online memory games and tests that are easily accessible to stimulate and strengthen your mind.  Watch a documentary, instead of a soap or better still turn off the television and complete a crossword or Sudoku puzzle, or play an online memory game.  It’s all in the power of the mind!

 live for health!

Article from: ‘Brain Training’ by Claire Johnson published in Clean Eating Magazine, Spring 2012 issue.
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3 Responses to The most powerful muscle of the human body is your mind

  1. Tony says:

    “Regular brain training will increase the quality of your life, your general functionality, as well as keep your body young and active. The mind needs to be exercised and challenged to perform at its optimum.”

    This is on the right track, but don’t forget that cardiovascular exercise is the only thing that actually creates new neurotransmitters in the brain. This actually benefits working memory. Crosswords and Sudoku only build skills at those games, they don’t benefit working memory.

    Check out my page – Important Facts About Your Brain – and Exercise.


    • Di Burgess says:

      Thanks Tony. I have had a quick look at your page and it looks very interesting. I will definitely return to that page and read more of the links you provided. The Brain is a very interesting part of the body.


  2. zsofiamerino says:

    Reblogged this on puravidaynutricion and commented:
    Ejercita tu cerebro y tus mùsculos


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